Exploring Cape Town: the Waterfront

Cape Town

Oh, South Africa, easily one of my favourite places in the world! A great mix of culture, history and cityscapes versus dramatic landscapes. During my six weeks there, I spent around two weeks based at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Although there’s obviously a hell of a lot more to South Africa’s capital, I was docked in one of the two harbours right on the front, so I really got the chance to see and do much of what was on offer. Continue reading

Finding Dory at Phi Phi

Phi Phi boat
Phi Phi Islands are a beautiful and very popular part of Thailand, used for film sets and holidays and a huge number of different water sport activities. We took a speedboat out to the islands, which, all in all, was about an hour’s journey. Taking a speedboat was so much fun – it was exciting, it allowed us to see beautiful 360` panoramic views, and it gave us a wonderful cool breeze to help us cope with the 37`c and blazing sunshine right over us! Continue reading

What’s in a name: Delphi and the Oracle.

The view from Delphi.

The view from Delphi in the early morning light.

Due to a certain new Harry Potter publication (yay), there is suddenly a big interest in one of its many characters – Delphi. Although I promise this blog is spoiler-free for those of you who have yet to see the play or read the script, I’ve always been really interested in J.K. Rowling’s very deliberate name choices throughout her magical book series. Delphi sparked my interest immediately – I’ve been there and actually studied it quite intensively, and that background knowledge, for me, made the character even more interesting as I could see so many links.

Continue reading