The Secret Mexican Resorts aren’t allowed to tell you: Mexico Turtle Release

One of my truly favourite memories from staying at our hotel was something that we came across entirely accidentally. A few of our group had decided to give the swimming pool bar a try (yep, it was as awesome as it sounds), so headed towards the beach-side pool about 7 ish. When we arrived there was a small crowd of people on the beach and upon checking it out we saw the coolest sight – they were releasing turtle hatchlings into the wild! Continue reading

Travel Resources: RideGuru


Disclaimer: post sponsored by RideGuru.

One of the first things I figure out when I’m travelling (especially when solo) is how to get to and from each destination cheaply. I’m quite happy to try out different methods – I’ve road-tripped, sailed, ridden camels and even hitched a lift on the back of an open lorry! One thing I’ve always been a bit wary of is taxis, as they can be a bit of a tourist trap. However when the RideGuru community asked me to check out their services, I found out there’s an easy way to see exactly how you can get a cheap rideshare or taxi – and they work in over 70 countries all over the world! Continue reading

Everything you need to know about taking the Bucharest – Budapest overnight train.


My three berth cabin with the middle bed folded down to create a day sofa.

You must reserve your place on the overnight train between Bucharest and Budapest, and there are several options. There are seats, a money-saving 6 berth cabin, or 1, 2 and 3 bed compartments. Out of these I’d definitely say don’t get a seat (you’ll get little to no sleep) and recommend the bed compartments. These are more secure, and they have access to more facilities, compared to the 6 berth cabins.

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The Best View of New York


When I went to New York everyone I talked to had an opinion of Things I Should Definitely Do. Everyone tends to have a bucket list when it comes to NYC, and that list normally includes Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park, all of which were recommended to me numerous times. One thing I was told that was contrary to everything I’d been told though, was to not climb the Empire State building. Instead, I was to try the Rockefeller. Continue reading