Sponsored Content

On occasion I work with businesses and brands, to collaborate, promote or review. I will always disclose if a particular post is in any way sponsored, or something reviewed has been gifted, in an effort to be completely transparent on this blog.

All written content is 100% my own. You will never find pre-written content or scripts by PR staff or brands, and any and all reviews will be conducted honestly and solely by me.

You will never find a post about something that I personally don’t agree with, or doesn’t suit the topic or nature of this blog. Whilst I do sometimes work as a freelance writer/photographer, and get paid for doing so, this website is my own little cosy corner of the internet and something I spend a lot of free time working on. I won’t, therefore, post about any topic/product/review etc, unless it has my approval – no matter how much I am offered in return.

Business, Travel and Photography Enquiries

As mentioned above, sponsered content is accepted on this website as long as it is relatable to the ethos of this blog. Please get in contact with me on the Business Enquiries page if you are interested in working with EmilyGoesForth, clearly stating your idea for collaboration.

Personal Content

All written content and photographs on this website are my own property unless otherwise stated. Please do not repost or republish any of the content, for commercial use or otherwise. If you are interested in working with EmilyGoesForth or wish to get in contact with me personally, you can do so using the Business Enquiries or Contact page.