Exciting news!

Apologies for the lack of news over the last few weeks – I got a wonderful email a little over three weeks ago, informing me I’d been selected by photographer Bran Symondson and Virgin Holidays to go on a photographic trip to Mexico, to capture Day of the Dead! There will be a blog or two in the upcoming days explaining what I got up to.

I spent just under a week in Mexico with 6 other photographers, spending time capturing the personal and commercial side of the celebrations, and a little of the locations we visited too. The trip itself also involved 24 hours in Havana, Cuba, thanks to an extended layover on the return trip. I slept for approimately 3 of those hours, so rest assured I made the most of that single day!

Due to the nature of the trip there are obviously hundreds upon hundreds of photos for me to now go through and edit, so please be patient with me whilst I work on those.

Normal blogging service will return shortly!

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