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Disclaimer: post sponsored by RideGuru.

One of the first things I figure out when I’m travelling (especially when solo) is how to get to and from each destination cheaply. I’m quite happy to try out different methods – I’ve road-tripped, sailed, ridden camels and even hitched a lift on the back of an open lorry! One thing I’ve always been a bit wary of is taxis, as they can be a bit of a tourist trap. However when the RideGuru community asked me to check out their services, I found out there’s an easy way to see exactly how you can get a cheap rideshare or taxi – and they work in over 70 countries all over the world!

RideGuru works by finding the best estimates of companies such as Uber, Grab (SE Asia), Lyft (USA), Didi Chuxing (China) and more, as well as standard taxis. You type in your pick up point and destination, and then they give you a list of predicted prices. You can then choose whichever you prefer. Here’s an example of a fare comparison I did:


Fare comparison for a trip from The British Museum to Big Ben in London.

I really love how they try to be as accurate as possible (even taking into account Uber’s surge pricing at peak times) whilst still be speedy by showing availability and letting me hail a taxi directly from them. When I tested it out, it took into account things such as driving speeds and traffic patterns when calculating the predicted costs so you won’t be caught out. It means I can figure out travel plans quickly on the go, but also budget for travel plans in the future as I can plan journey’s ahead of time. This is particularly helpful, as wifi is needed to use this tool (they don’t have an app at the moment), which can be difficult to find in certain places whilst travelling.

Generally speaking I try and walk as much as I can to save money, however there are certain occasions when I will always take a cab. When I’m alone and really late arriving in a new city, and my accommodation isn’t close to the station or airport, I’ll try and organise a ride to ensure I get to my destination safely. On their website RideGuru have a awesome and really handy list of all the major airports which accept rideshare pickups – lots of airports don’t allow rideshares so this is such a useful tool.

RideGuruFinally, the thing that makes RideGuru stand out for me was their ethos about honesty and transparency. Not only are they helping you travel by finding you the best ride for your budget, but also they show you exactly how much of your fare will go to your driver, and how much to the business they work for. This gives you the opportunity to choose to ride with the company who treats their drivers fairest. That’s something I haven’t seen before, but ensures that it’s not just you getting the best possible deal. It’s a win-win!

All images sourced from RideGuru.

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