5 days in Bucharest, part 2

img_20160911_164848.jpgWithout realising, I’ve managed to time my trip with the Bucharest Music and Film festival. The lovely friend I’m staying with, Andreea, plays in an orchestra, so naturally we’ve been to a few shows, which was so much fun. The first event we went to was an open air concert, featuring a full orchestra playing famous film soundtracks live. The second event was a night full of famous Romanian pop songs, which Andreea played in. I literally had no clue what was happening at any point, but I was surrounded by new friends and it was hilarious so it was all good, and after we stayed out in the Old Town til the early hours (I’m feeling the consequences of that now).

wp-image-83718523jpg.jpgThe last few trips I’ve taken have mainly been by myself as Andreea has been at rehearsals. I explored Bucharest alone on Friday – I love just wandering about new places – before heading to the National Art Gallery. The building is a former palace, so you can imagine how huge it was. It was a relaxing way to get out of the heat (it’s an unusually hot September here, apparently) and see some more Romanian culture and history, and it was only 15 lei (about Ā£3) to see both galleries.

img_20160909_173512.jpgAfter getting lost in the gallery several times I met Andreea for a late feast of traditional Romanian food. I do not use the word ‘feast’ lightly. Oh my god. I can’t even pronounce or spell half of what we had but it was so different to anything I was used to. There was some sour soup that I’m still unsure about, but one thing for sure – traditional Romanian desserts are incredible.

Today, as it is something like 35 degrees, we took a very slow walk around the Romanian Peasant museum. It’s actually almost entirely outdoors, which I wasn’t expecting. It’s mostly just lots of period buildings (houses, windmills, churches, etc) but it was only 10 lei (about Ā£2) and there were lots of market stalls scattered around selling traditional wares as its Sunday.


wp-image-867679843jpg.jpgTomorrow I’m off on the night train to Budapest – I’ve never travelled by sleeper train before, so I’m very excited!








10 thoughts on “5 days in Bucharest, part 2

  1. Rosie says:

    Enjoy your ride on a sleeper train! I took one once from Zurich to Prague; the train split in the middle of the night and half went to Berlin, the other to Prague so I definitely paid attention to the signs on that ride!

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