Visiting the Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain

Alhambra Palace

I’ve been lucky enough to go to the beautiful Moorish palace and fortress complex and gardens 3 times now, and I’m still not sick of it. I notice new things every time I go.  There’s so much detail and colour everywhere, it’s gorgeous. For that reason, it’s also very popular, so you have to be mindful about booking as they’re very strict about how many people are allowed inside at any one time!

Alhambra PalaceThe Alhambra, meaning “The Red One”, is a place of stunning architecture, magical gardens and a fascinating look into Moorish culture. Being a former fortress, it’s set in a prime location, and when you get to higher levels you get stunning views of Granada. It’s enchanting beauty is a must see, and for that reason it pulls in around 6,000 visitors each day.

Almost everywhere you go there’s something interesting to see, be it the colourful gardens or the huge colonnaded Charles V Palace, the Patio of Lions, Court of Myrtles or the Gardens of the Partal. Even the names are awesome!

When visiting the Alhambra I would recommend not only buying tickets well-ahead of time, but also going over their admission rules, as they are quite extensive – and enforced. Also, if you choose to join a guided tour, make sure you don’t wander too far from your group – if you get split up and the group goes ahead through a guarded walkway you may be forced to wait until that following section is freed up before you’re allowed to continue through and catch up.

Alhambra Palace

Some of the gardens at the Alhambra Palace

Alhambra Palace

There is a huge amount of history to the Alhambra, and whilst there are information signs, museums and guidebooks you can buy, guided tour can be really handy. The only thing I would say about the guided tours is that they have a set amount of time to take you around, so you can sometimes get rushed through some extraordinary places that you may wish to linger. My third trip I just wandered with my friend at our leisure, and it was awesome, but then again I’d already had tours previously!

I could honestly write pages and pages about the experience of seeing the Alhambra with you’re own eyes. You have to do it.  You can easily get lost at the Alhambra, but happily so.

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